C# Support

Facility supports tools and libraries for using C# (.NET) with Facility Service Definitions.


Generate C# for your Facility Service Definition by doing one of the following:

  • Use the Facility Editor. Enter an API definition in the left pane, choose the “C#” generator, review the generated files, and click Download.
  • Run the fsdgencsharp tool on the command line or in a build script.
  • Use the Facility.CodeGen.CSharp .NET library (NuGet Package) in your own build tool.


fsdgencsharp is a command-line tool that generates C# for a Facility Service Definition.

Install fsdgencsharp as documented from its NuGet package.

fsdgencsharp generates multiple C# files and supports the standard command-line options as well as the following additional command-line options:

  • --namespace <name>: Sets the namespace used by the generated C#.
  • --csproj: Updates any .csproj files in the output directory. Specifically, it adds any missing .g.cs files and removes any .g.cs files no longer needed.